Leadership is a powerful thing.  It can make or break a team.  Leadership can also distinguish progressive organizations from mediocre organizations.  That’s a huge impact.

Equipping leaders with the right tools to make solid business decisions and pushing the organization forward are crucial when facing a quickly changing business environment.  Developing key leaders including technically talented staff provides organizations new and vast pools of talent to recruit.

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Developing technically brilliant leaders and giving them a meaningful toolkit to prepare them for their next levels of success…leadership.  In my own career, I found myself looking for answers to help me understand my leadership style, how to make strategic career moves, and how to amplify my contributions each day.  I have worked for some great organizations, but even great companies are unable to address the very grey, very “squishy” world of leading teams in ways that make sense to the first time leader AND the technical leader.


In the last 10 years, I have had the privilege to focus on leading dynamic teams, creating culture shifts through leadership, disruptive thinking and strategic consulting.  I’ve also been able to talk with new, emerging and transitioning leaders about how they show up each day for themselves, the teams they lead, and their organizations.

As a business expert who has worked with Executives, Managers, Emerging Leaders, and students working in a variety of successful companies, I am invested in helping leaders and their teams focus on creating strong strategies, leveraging their data-rich environments and creating profitable initiatives.

I created Leaders Amplify to create a resource and partner lab with individuals and organizations pursuing next levels of success.  Let’s be clear.  Leadership is not one dimensional.  Leaders come in all types and share great characteristics like drive, desire to achieve, and technical brilliance.  

Join other successful executives, entrepreneurs and corporations who know the secret to being fully prepared in this ever changing economy. Take the next step to further your success by contacting us and perusing our list of services.